Making Strategic Innovation work for Asian Economies, Businesses and People

Date : 7 Apr 2008
Time : 12:15pm
Venue : Padang Palace Restaurant Singapore Recreation Club B Connaught Drive Singapore 179682
Provider : Majulah Connection
Fee : SGD 50


Majulah Connection is pleased to invite you to a lunch talk cum networking session with Majulah Connection's trustees. This talk by Mr Tan Kee Hian, a global expert on business consulting, is on: "Making Strategic Innovation work for Asian Economies, Businesses and People". 

From his personal hands-on interactions with Asian leaders, managers and workers, he has gained leading insights into the significant challenges involved in creating strategic innovations, such as the end-state-driven thinking process, inside-out perspectives, dependence on numbers and statistics, and “delegate/outsource” syndrome. The speaker will describe the why these challenges need to be addressed and how. 

Seats are limited so registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. To register your participation, please email and send cheque payment by 3 April 2008.