About Us

Who We Are

Majulah Connection was launched in November 2002 as an effort supported by the ERC (Economics Review Committee) to connect the Singapore Alumni overseas (Singaporeans and Friends of Singapore) with Singapore. It was formally established in January 2003 as a not-for-profit NGO (non government organization) based in Singapore.


Majulah Connection has leveraged on the core network of leaders to build a global community of established or emerging business leaders and professionals. It has established support both in Singapore and overseas with an operating model based on person-to-person business networking.


Today, Majulah Connection has close to 30 trustees, 50 corporate members, over 100 individual members, a database of 500 interested individuals in Singapore, as well as a database of over 1000 overseas Singapore alumni and friends interested in connecting with one another. The network includes some prominent businessmen and corporations.


Since its initial focus on a small group of global business leaders, Majulah Connection is recently repositioning itself to broaden its scope of connection. It will now serve as a volunteer based organization for business people interested in an effective platform that will connect and benefit its supporters.



What We Do

Majulah Connection has developed a set of programs and platforms to offer business opportunities, financing and career choices for its members. It does so with regular networking activities, and business facilitation and consulting services. For the past 2 years, over 40 networking events had been organized.


To effectively represent Majulah Connection overseas, six honorary representatives have been appointed in Singapore and key regions or cities around the world to help build business networking with various targeted groups. These regions or cities currently include the US (San Francisco / San Jose); China (Beijing and Shanghai), Europe (London); Australia (Perth), and Japan.


Majulah Connection has assisted over 30 companies to develop business projects and is also developing several other business connection platforms. These include Global Singapore, a business facilitator linking enterprises in Singapore and China for strategic projects; a venture capital fund (supported by IE Singapore and managed by Crest Capital Partner) for Singapore SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) venturing and seeking connections overseas; as well as a LEAP partner programme with EDB to assist the growth of SMEs (both local and from overseas) in Singapore.



How We Operate

Majulah Connection was established as a membership-based organization and is currently funded from sponsorship and membership contributions, incomes from projects and activities it organizes, and consulting services it provides.


Majulah Connection is being repositioned as a volunteer organization to build a self-supporting community to connect its members and friends.


Majulah Connection focuses on person-to-person and small group networking and connection.


It seeks to offer value from:

An overview of the Majulah Connection Operating Model is provide below: