Majulah Connection can become a network that will help our entrepreneurs benefit from their collective experiences and advance the interests of the Singapore Alumni.
- Then SM Lee Kuan Yew, September 2003

The need to connect the Singapore Alumni - namely overseas Singaporeans and Friends of Singapore, and contribute towards building the Greater Singapore is an important and worthwhile task.
- Dr Richard Hu, Chairman of Trustees of Majulah Connection;
Chairman of GIC Real Estate

"The goal of Majulah Connection is to connect Singaporeans at home to Singaporeans abroad, and Singaporeans to Friends of Singapore (FOS). FOS are non-Singaporeans who have worked and lived in Singapore and have now moved on. Though they have left Singapore, we hope they will leave a corner of their heart for Singapore, and will remain our friends always. Singaporeans living abroad and FOS form what we will call the diaspora of Singapore. The "diaSporeans", together with sturdy Singaporean "stayers", will in time form the larger nation of Singapore defined not by citizenship, but by a bonding of the heart. We very much hope that once a Singaporean, we will all remain Singaporean. No one quits on Singapore. neither should we quit on anyone. Majulah Singapura!"
- Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, Director & Trustee of Majulah Connection; Chairman of Surbana Corporation
Extracted from his book "A Mandarin and the Making of Public Policy" Reflections by Ngiam Tong Dow

Majulah Connection is a great networking platform and provides me the opportunities to meet people from other walks of life and businesses. Unlike my other affiliations, which are typically more focused in terms of profession or industry, Majulah Connection offers me a much broader reach. This is very useful for me because nature of my business, but I believe that this is equally important to members and friends of Majulah Connection who may not want to connect just for business reasons. I like Majulah Connection for its range of seminars and the quality of the speakers that have been invited. I have made several good friends whom I know I would not otherwise have met if not for the Majulah Connection platform.
- Goh Kim Siew, CEO of

"Our personal interaction with MC has been wonderful, and we are really grateful for the many doors and opportunities MC has helped open for us to learn."

- Kenneth Sim & Joel Tan, ex-Overseas Singaporeans from Columbia University and Stanford University